Meet Bonnie

Massage Therapy

Bringing harmony to body and soul

Massage has been a gift I give to those I care about since I was a young girl. I decided in 2009 to pursue a professional career starting at Oregon School of Massage where I graduated from in 2011 and began working immediately. I’ve expanded my passion and its ways of helping clients with continuing education as well as obtaining additional certification as a personal trainer to allow for the ability to go above and beyond for my clients needs not only in the pain reduction of their muscles; but to help them take back their imbalances and work towards a more balanced body outside their treatments.

I have come full circle and now am back at Oregon School of Massage with the opportunity to instruct up and coming massage therapists of our area. Thus doing what all my clients wish could be done, making a clone of myself by taking my knowledge and experience to enlighten the future LMT’s. I sincerely love what I do and am continuously humbled by the many people I get to meet who allow me access to themselves and their ailments and trust they’ve found the right massage therapist to bring harmony to body and soul.